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Product Review: The Flamingo by Peixoto

Posted on June 01 2017

Online shopping for swimsuits is not a walk in the park. With fits varying between brands and styles, it makes it difficult to find the size that will fit perfectly and make you feel like the beach goddess that you are. The good news is that we are here to help! 

If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ page, you will already know that our mission is to help you find swimwear and lingerie that fits you properly and make you feel sexy. What you may not know is that for us to do this, we have every staff member try on each new style that we get so that we can see how it looks on different body types. We base our sizing and style recommendations on our observations. This process makes it easy for us to find the perfect fit for a customer who walks into our Toronto store, but we want to be able to give our online customers the same opportunity. Our solution – writing product review blog posts that tell you everything you need to know! 


What better way to start this series than with one of our best selling one-pieces: The Flamingo by Peixoto.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or in a very cold climate where you don’t get the opportunity to go to the beach – in which case we send our deepest sympathies), one pieces have been making a comeback for the past few years and are now a staple in one’s swimsuit collection. Even for the girls who love the skimpy bikini look - some of our maillots are more scandalous than a two-piece and this one is no exception!

Peixoto - Flamingo in Pink | Kallone Intimi

About The Suit:

This suit features a deep-V neckline that ends just above your belly button. The back is a clean T style elevating it from the rest of the front plunging suits on the market. The bum is Latin cut meaning it is going to be a bit cheeky but you don’t need to worry about entering thong territory. The suit is fully lined and the fabric is a nylon/elastane blend.


Size and Fit:

This suit comes in sizes XS to L. The sizing is true to size, but there are a few variables that can affect this:

  1. Torso length – as there is no adjustability in the neck, we recommend that those with a longer torso go up a size.
  2. Booty size – if you’re a squat queen or just genetically blessed, it will be a bit cheekier on you. We wouldn’t recommend you change your size based on this as it will result in it being too big in other areas, but be aware that it will fit you differently than it does on the model. The good news is that the actual booty queen, Kim Kardashian, did a photo shoot in the suit and we’ve put the pictures below so that you can see how it fits on a curvy figure.
  3. Bust size – this suit is not going to be overly supportive as there isn’t much to hold you in. If you’re a D cup, it can work but be prepared for some side boob. We’ve added the pictures of Kate Upton when she wore it in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit below. Ignore the booty because they basically gave her a wedgie so that the suit looked like a thong, but you’ll see that she isn’t very covered. If you are a DD or an E we would recommend potentially going up a size to get a bit of additional coverage, but we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone bigger than an E cup as it just isn’t going to have enough fabric to cover you. It also isn’t going to give any push-up for those who are smaller chested. You will look how you do without a bra with a tiny bit of lift – it is meant to be a natural look.

We also like to note that there will be a gap between the back strap and your spine. It is impossible for there not to be because no one’s back is as straight as a board, but we’ve had some customers mention this so we thought we should point it out.


Why We Love It:

This is the perfect sexy one piece and it doubles as a bodysuit. The style is classic and looks good on a lot of different shapes. The designer also releases it in different colors each season so that you can change it up if you’re tired of wearing black (though we're not sure that is possible...). And as a bonus – it has celebrity approval!

Khloe Kardashian - Peixoto | Kallone Intimi

Kate Upton - Peixoto | Kallone Intimi

Kim Kardashian - Peixoto | Kallone Intimi



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