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Product Review: Hanky Panky Low-Rise and Original Thong

Posted on June 05 2017

The idea of a piece of fabric placed between your bum does not sound like the most comfortable position ever. We agreed completely until we tried out the famous Hanky Panky Original and Low Rise Lace Thong. This product basically reinvented what it means to wear a thong, and can prove to even the harshest skeptic that this underwear is truly the most comfortable article that will ever touch your skin.

This particular underwear is the solution to all of your undergarment problems. The high-quality thread count is incomparable to anything else; each thong uses over 30 yards of thread which creates for a more durable product. They weren't voted the world’s most comfortable thong for nothing!  

 Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong in Black

About The Product:

This product exhibits the company’s 25-year-old design comprised of a v-front and v-back. Its durable lace and soft touch provide for a quality underwear experience. Ironically, the best part about finding good underwear is not being able to see it through your clothing. Even the tightest mini skirt is no match for the Hanky Panky. This thong is the perfect addition to an outfit that requires that no underwear, underwear look!  


Size and Fit:

A key feature about this underwear is the fact that it is one size fits all! The original lace thong is designed to conform to and feel comfortable for all sizes between the ranges of 4-14. The low rise lace thong is a better fit for more petite body types as it is designed to fit sizes between the ranges of 2-12.


Why We Love It:

Comfort is the main ingredient we strive to incorporate in our everyday lives, which is why we feel that our underwear should represent that. This thong can be purchased in an abundance amount of colours ranging from the basics to vibrant colours and patterns. Its luxurious feel and extravagant designs make you feel radiant from your outfit, all the way down to your birthday suit!  If you thought that this was the best it got for your lingerie drawer, think again! We also feature different styles including the Retro Thong, and the Lace Boyshort. Not only do we swear by this product, but many famous celebrities including Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts and Rachel McAdams rave that this is their favourite thong. We believe that if the stars of Hollywood agree with us, you will too!



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