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Beauty and The Bralette

Posted on January 07 2017

After viewing an interview of Emma Watson for the live cast film of Beauty and the Beast, something stuck out to us that we feel every woman can relate to;

wardrobe + functionality.
Watson said she had a lot of input in her character, Belle’s, wardrobe. It needed to be more realistically comfortable for an active girl but still beautiful enough for a princess. This idea of beauty, function and above all comfort easily translates into the lingerie world in the form of bralettes!
Love + Lust Bralette in Black - Lifestyle | Commando | Kallone Intimi

Bralettes are a great way to feel supported, covered and smoothed out under your clothing. Bralettes are that happy medium if you’re not 100% comfortable with the braless movement, but would like to forego the total structure of an underwire bra. Many traditional bra companies have caught onto this genius and incorporated bralettes into their lines.

While a bralette can’t do everything a bra can, it comes pretty close and has it’s own unique benefits as well. Here are our top 5 reasons to love the bralette trend.


Here are our suggestions...

Fortnight bralettes are an architectural work of art that will work wonders for your bust. They specialize in handcrafted bralettes that are so detailed they have a ‘goldilocks and the 3 bears’ effect, just right! Adorned by the likes of Ashley Graham, to Khloe Kardashian, and Winnie Harlow, these bralettes are sized by actual waist and cup size (eg. 36C) and can fit all body types.
Assorted Bralettes | Fortnight | Kallone Intimi

 Shop Fortnight Bralettes

Hanky Panky bralettes are all about comfort and ease. These bralettes are simple yet beautiful, with no fuss no muss. This is the everyday bralette from a company that is focused on the softest of soft materials, fit, and longevity. With their patented lace materials you can be cute and comfortable.
Crossover Bralette in Bliss Pink | Hanky Panky | Kallone Intimi

Shop Hanky Panky Bralettes

Commando bralettes are better than wearing nothing. They feel freeing with a barely there material. Known for their seamless ability, commando’s bralettes follow suit by feeling incredible against the skin and invisible under your clothes.
Love + Lust Bralette | Commando | Kallone Intimi

Shop Commando Bralettes

Implicite bralettes are an extension of what they already do so well, which is sexy European designs. Implicite bralettes pair fabulously with their traditional lingerie sets being an alternative to a moulded cup bra. This French company does sexy with quality and daring designs.
Influence Soft Cup Bralette in Dawn | Implicite | Kallone Intimi

Shop Implicite Bralettes

Gooseberry bralettes are world famous for their delicate and intricate lines, patterns and fabrics. This bralette will have sass, beauty, and a unique look like no other; blurring the lines between everyday bralette and passionate lingerie.
Innocence Lon gLine Bralette in White | Gooseberry Intimate | Kallone Intimi

Shop Gooseberry Intimates Bralettes

Whatever your style or the occasion, consider the possible convenience of a bralette. Never compromise pretty or your naturally gorgeous self for convenience. You can have it all, as a beauty in the bralette!

Xo Kallone


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