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Au Revoir, Underwire!

Posted on October 22 2015

Remember that pesky little thing called underwire? You know, the part of a bra that digs into your skin, creating a red line underneath your breasts that never seems to go away and slowly takes away your will to live.

Okay, we’re exaggerating.

But real talk: underwire can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, there’s a new type of bra in town: the BRALETTE. Think of it like the T-shirt bra’s younger, cooler cousin. This style of bra forgoes underwire and molded cups for a soft cup and supportive band. It’s comfy, often adorned with lace, and looks super sexy peaking out from a deep v or tank.

The beauty of the bralette is its lack of structure – it’s lighter and more comfortable than the average bra. The downfall? Not all bralettes provide the amount of support necessary for women with larger chests, or women with smaller chests who are looking for a major boost.

BUT, never fear. All bralettes are not made equal – which means that while some may not do much for someone with a larger chest, or someone who has recently breastfed, others can and will provide that support without the discomfort of an every day bra. It’s all about finding the right shape and style of bralette for your size. Luckily, we fancy ourselves as experts in this subject (and, let’s be honest… most things). Here is a quick guide to bralettes based on your general cup size, to help you choose your winner.

If you’re petite…

“Innocence Triangle Bra” from Gooseberry

This pretty little pearly white lace bralette from Gooseberry is perfect for those with not a lot up top. The soft cups feature a scalloped lace trim on the inner side of each triangle. The triangles are fixed at the centre, for maximum cleavage. The underbust band is supportive and provides lift, even if you don’t have a lot to support. This bralette fits super small and is perfect for those who are petite around and in the band.

“Minoa Peek-a-boo Soft Bra” from Cosabella

This bralette from Cosabella features gorgeous grey lace in a soft cup, with little cut outs above each triangle. The band is super stretchy and has a back closure to allow you to adjust the bra to your unique shape. The draws of this bra are the soft, intricate lace and the comfort level – its stretchy fabric ensures that the bra doesn’t dig in uncomfortably. But, the band is not as supportive as those on other bralettes – which is why its best suited to someone who’s not looking for lots of lift. 


If you’re somewhere in the middle…

Stripe Illusion Long bra from Love Haus

This stunning piece from Love Haus is a combination of satin and mesh that will keep you falling in love every time you wear it. The triangle cups lead down towards a thick band with a front closure and elegant satin and mesh stripe detailing. If the beautiful wine hue isn’t enough to draw you in, this bralette’s supportive band and structured cups will. This bralette is quite square in shape, and keeps the breasts separated as opposed to being pushed up and together. While this shape can overwhelm a figure with not a lot up top, it’s a winner for those in the C or D range.

Impulse Bralette from Love Haus

This lacey little wonder is another favourite from Love Haus. This bralette is rectangular in shape and is made from an unbelievably soft and intricately detailed black lace. There are two straps made from the same soft lace on each side that hold up the bralette and join together at the shoulders, creating a triangle cut-out on each side just above the bust. This bralette has boning sewed in, so it provides the structure and support needed for those with larger chests. But, the shape tends to flatten out rather than provide push up to someone with a smaller, so this style is most flattering on those who have a bit of a bust.


If you’re voluptuous…

Innocence Open Bra from Gooseberry

This gorgeous lace bralette from Gooseberry will show you exactly why we – and all of Instagram – continue to rave about the brand. This bralette is made from two long triangle soft cups that meet in the middle at a front closure. The inner side of each cup is lined with a delicate scalloped trim. While this piece doesn’t look like much on the rack, it is truly transformative on. The underbust band is super supportive without digging in, and the long cups remain thick at the top, providing ultimate coverage for those who usually worry about spilling out. Plus, the back strap is adjustable! So you adjust it as tightly or loosely as you need to suit your body, without losing the flattering, cleavage bearing, shape in front.

Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra from Cosabella

This teal-toned dream of a soft bra from Cosabella is another piece that challenges the myth that bralettes aren’t fit for a wide range of shapes and sizes. This bralette is made from soft lace, is rectangular in shape, and is supported by thin spaghetti straps that reach around the back. The cut is super flattering, and dips in to create a heart-shaped neckline that shows off just the right amount of cleavage. Why is this bra a perfect fit for those on the voluptuous side? Coverage, coverage, coverage. The shape of this bralette covers more of the chest than a typical triangle soft bra, preventing spilling. The underbust band also works to give you a little added lift. Plus, this bralette super stretchy, and will adjust to your shape without digging in.

So, next time you’re out on the ever-stressful bra hunt, put down the underwire and reach for one of these soft-cupped wonders. You won’t regret it!



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