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What Your Coffee Shop of Choice Says About You

Posted on September 29 2014

It's National Coffee Day, and how fitting is it that we JUST received some brand new NuBras in Mocha!? Anyways, scroll through to see what your coffee of choice says about you!
You know what you want and will not veer from it. No matter what. You may be a bit of a follower,
but you are also brave enough to take on the extensive menu and fast-talking barista, and that takes some balls.
Fall is your favourite season for the sole reason that the Pumpkin Spice Latte returns to your life. Calories don't count if it is a drink anyway. 
You don't really care where it comes from, you just want a decent cup of coffee ASAP and at a decent price.
You live a busy life and generally drink a few cups a day to get you through the work day. Sleep is overrated anyway, right?
Tim Hortons 
You are a true Canadian and likely sport a jersey and/or a hat rather than a suit. Walk into a room and
people can usually tell who your favourite team is, and it is obviously the best team. You like to stick to what
you know - your parents took you to Tim Hortons as a kid, and now you take yourself.  
Second Cup 
You try hard to be different and therefore avoid jumping on the Starbucks bandwagon. You always
root for the underdog. You are overcome with joy when the barista remembers you and your order - Yay!  
Fair Trade/Organic Independent Coffee Shop 
You are one of the rare few left in this world who believes coffee really should be just coffee, and you let
everyone know it. No extra foam, non-fat, double whip necessary here folks. You may be a hipster refusing to
conform to the mainstream norm which is the coffee chain. You also care about the world
and are willing to pay a little more to support a good cause. 


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