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Regrettable Trends That Every 90's Kid Grew Up With

Posted on September 18 2014

Growing up throughout the 90's and 2000's left us with no chance at style success. Here are some of the most unfortunate fashion mistakes we made, yet still managed to grow into modern day fashionistas ;)
Platform Sandals
Platform height directly correlated to coolness
Toe Socks
The more colour, the better!
Crimped Hair
So much time spent on such a questionable hair style, but if you didn't
have a crimping iron, you might as well have not existed at all
Frosted Tips 
Luckily Justin got over it, and so did we 
Denim. Denim Everywhere
Oops, don't do it again
Extra snaps for a side pony!
Trucker Hat Chiq
Paired with pretty much any outfit. Thank you Ashton Kutcher
The Juicy Couture Tracksuit
All you needed to travel in style was a velour suit covered in sparkles
Nose rings
If you didn't have one, you wanted one.
The Rachel
This is an honourable mention, because no regrets on this one


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