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25 Tips For Every Girl

Posted on August 07 2014

Let's face it, being a girl can sometimes be stressful. Dealing with everything from boys to body image, its a wonder we stay as composed as we do! We wanted to make life just a little easier by compiling 25 tips every girl should keep in mind.


1. Forget about dieting. Focus on healthy meals and exercise.

2. Always keep track of your finances (download an app- they're life savers!)

3. Invest in a strapless/backless bra (we have a couple in mind: click here to check them out)

4. Always have a good lip chap on hand (keep one in your purse, one in your car, one by your bed, one in the washroom- moral of the story is, chapped lips are never a good look)

5. Bake when you're stressed or upset. The smell of cookies in the oven will always put a smile on your face.

6. If you feel like crying, do it (unless it's over a boy- if he makes you cry, he's not worth it)

7. Never lie- it's bad for your complexion. 

8. Buy cheap sunglasses.

9. Use the money you saved on sunglasses to splurge on shoes.

10. Always wash your make up off before bed. Your 60 year old self will thank you.

12. Think before you speak- you can't take words back.

13. Read. Read everything. 

14. Smile when you meet new people. Even if you're not a fan of your smile, others will find you inviting. 

15. Do a good deed as many times a day as possible. Good Karma will find you.

16. Keep a stash of money for a rainy day (you won't believe how fast it adds up!)

17. Always accessorize (we're in love with everything at Stella&Dot)

18. Don't skip breakfast- it really is the most important meal of the day.

19. Make time for your girlfriends. 

20. Don't speak badly about someone behind their back. You'll avoid a lot of awkward conversations when they find out about it. 

21. You can never have too many pairs of underwear (the team at Kallone knows this first hand)

22. Drink a lot of water, and when you can't drink any more water, drink tea.

23. Never neglect your finger nails or your toe nails. it doesn't matter if it's a $150 pedicure or one you give to yourself, chipped nails are gross. 

24. Wash your clothes in fabulously scented detergents. (We fell in love with Forever New)

25. It's ok to love Ben & Jerry as much as you love your boyfriend. 

XO Kalloné


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