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How to get Kalloné Approved Beach Waves

Posted on July 02 2014

We all gush over Blake Lively and Nicole Ritchie's perfected beach waves. At times beach waves look great and other times they turn out to be an accidental afro (yikes!). There are countless products that can help you achieve that effortless beach look but the pros say the best way to get perfect beach waves is to treat your hair naturally as if you just took a dip in the ocean. Here is our recipe to perfect beach waves:


1. Buy an empty 500ml spray bottle

2. Add 1 cup of warm water
3. Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt (no, not table salt)
4. 1 tbsp of coconut oil (this will keep your hair hydrated and free of that unwanted afro)
5. 1 tsp hair gel
6. Mix contents thoroughly
7. Spray in hair in pieces 
Voila! Perfect, effortless beach waves 


Xo, Kalloné


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