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7 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Posted on May 27 2014

Every woman has her own personal tips and tricks when it comes to fashion. We've decided to share ours with you! 


7. Body tape- The better version of double sided tape that will keep all loose clothing, undergarments and skirts in place where they are suppose to be. You know that awesome V-neck halter top in your closet that you always avoid wearing in case of a cleavage slip? Body tape can fix that too! 

Shop Kalloné body tape here.



8. Nude is your best friend- We are all aware of nude coloured bras and panties but do you have enough of them? Nude undergarments should be your biggest selection in your underwear drawer. Why? Because no matter what colour of shirt, dress or skirt you are wearing nude will not show through and keep that classy look you are always trying to achieve. 

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6. Always keep a pair of ballet flats handy- Whether that be at a wedding, graduation or simply at work we know that those heels you picked out at the start of the day may seem like the worst decision you've ever made by the end of the day. Keep a cute pair of Kalloné ballet flats to keep your look together and in comfort!

Shop Kalloné ballet flats here. 



5. Tights are an accessory too- Are you on a budget but super bored of your LBD? Switch it up and add a cool pair of patterned Pretty Polly tights to your look. It will make your LBD look brand new and well put together. Perfect for a night out!

Shop Pretty Polly tights here. 


4. Carry a makeup bag- It may seem like a hassle to carry a smaller bag inside your purse but in the long run it'll actually save you money. Think of all the times your lip gloss has exploded, coverup compacts have cracked and eyeliner lids have fell off and destroyed the inside of a purse. Rather than replacing your purse invest in a Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bag! 

Shop Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bags here.

 3. Buy a bra extender- Do you have a back fat phobia? For those days that you want to wear your tight spandex t-shirts or dresses look into buying a bra extender. It literally extends the length of your bra clasps to avoid that uncomfortable squeeze when you put on your bra. For only $12 this is a great investment!

Shop Kalloné bra extenders here. 




2. A maxi is for every occasion- Is there a maxi dress in your closet yet? It's easily one of the most comfortable garments a girl can own and perfect for every occasion this summer. Wear your maxi overtop of your favourite Kalloné bikini to the beach, pair your maxi with a statement necklace and heels for a summer wedding or just throw on a pair of flip flops and a denim jacket to go for ice cream. Kalloné offers maxi dresses in colour, pattern and basic black all perfect for every occasion this summer. 

Shop Kalloné maxi dresses here.





1. Find the perfect fit- This summer when searching for the perfect bikini stop in at Kalloné! We will help you find the perfect fit bikini to accentuate and compliment your body type. When we do find your perfect fit we suggest you take advantage of it and invest in buying every colour and pattern in that bikini so you can mix and match all summer long. You will feel flawless and unstoppable every time you hit the beach! 

Shop Kalloné bikinis here. 



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