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Wanderlust Wednesday: The 3 Coolest Prom Themes of 2014

Posted on May 21 2014

          The day every high school girl has dreamt of is here. Prom. Her dream dress is hanging in her closet, her corsage is waiting at the florist and her date has given his “promposal”. 2014 is a year full of glitz and glamour! Trends for prom are intricate embellishments, sexy cutouts, lots of lace and backless everything. Kalloné is your one stop shop for all your last minute needs for prom. Pick up a set of silicone inserts, body tape, backless bras and nipple covers for those tricky plunging neckline, backless or strapless dresses. We also have a great selection of makeup bags, totes and ballet flats for your touch-ups and prom after party.


We congratulate all of our high school graduates and hope you have a blast at prom!

Below are the 3 coolest prom themes of 2014:


3. A Night in Paris

So you’ve officially graduated. What better way to celebrate than to channel your inner Parisian and spend prom in “A Night in Paris”? As Paris is the fashion capital of the world you will be set out to find the most beautiful dress and with all the romantic designed dresses in 2014 it will be easy. But not only is Paris well known for fashion its also one of the best places in the world to party! Your night will consist of a group of extravagantly dressed peers and a night of fun you will always remember. (Not to mention the Eiffel Tower is an awesome prop to take pictures with)

 A Night In Paris Theme - Prom Ideas


2. Carnival

Rides, candy apples, prizes and fun. A carnival’s sole purpose is for fun and that’s all we want for prom anyway right? So why not make your prom a carnival themed prom! We don’t encourage you to dress as a clown but hiring one for pictures and balloon animals would be a blast! Girls find the most colourful and glittery dress you can and prepare for a night of good music, food and laughs. Think back to some of your childhood memories with your friends at the carnival or fair. They might even be sitting at your table!

Carnival Prom Theme - Ideas for Parties 

1. Great Gatsby

Based on the roaring 20’s as most of you know The Great Gatsby was a big blockbuster hit in 2013. Gatsby was also a huge influence on everything from fashion to home décor moving into 2014 and now is #1 for coolest prom theme. Prom on its own is a luxurious and romantic event. With The Great Gatsby added as your prom theme alongside the beautiful selection of 20’s inspired prom dresses sold today I bet you can imagine how glamorous it will become. The Great Gatsby is all about mystery, wealth and well… parties. We encourage the boys to wear a bow tie and the ladies to add lipstick and finger waves to your look!

Great Gatsby - Prom Theme Idea



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